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The Science of Consciousness

A synthesis of theoretical physics, neurology, and evolution, this book introduces a new hypothesis, which describes space and time as orthogonal fields. Their interaction is a cosmological evolution, which generates complexity and culminates in the emergence of the intelligent mind. The hypothesis answers age-old questions about the nature of time, matter, mass, entropy, and gravity. It gives a breathtaking view of physics, neurology, and evolution, and explains many previously unexplained phenomena. This new worldview has applications from evolution and theoretical physics, to social sciences and economics. Between these pages, you will not only gain new scientific insights, but learn about human behavior, creativity, emotions, relationships, and more...

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" The book, ‘The Science of Consciousness’ is a very sophisticated and all-embracing approach to formidable problems. I very much admired using the description of the viewing mechanism of the brain as a Camera Obscura, which is how I see my holographic images projected by the brain as vision/sight, and in less detail as memory, and then the latter combined with current observations to produce thought and conclusions. The cortex behaves as the screen of the Camera Obscura: yes very good.

Summary of the various functions of the different brain wave frequencies was helpful, and further on the statement that the gravitational field regulates living matter struck a chord with me. Well, of course, we are governed on a physical level almost entirely by the effect of gravity but whether this has been investigated and quantified in anyway, I do not know.

“The opposing energy changes within the positive- and negative-curvature regions form the energy neutrality of the universe. The regions rich in manifold energy are more flexible and younger than the positive-curvature gravitational areas, which form stiff galactic structures.” Although not being sure of the nature of manifold energy, my gut feeling responds well to what the author might be meaning. Some of the conjectures, such as the idea of white holes are new to me, and without much explanation of these phenomena, I am at a disadvantage in getting to better grips with the work.

Overall, the book struck a chord with me and found it an original and sophisticated attempt at the theory of everything. "


Visions of Hope:
Reflections for Chronic Patients Based on the Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross represents Jesus’ journey to Golgotha, the place of his crucifixion. Facing a terminal disease might be the most affecting, uncharted, and frightening experience of life. There is a peculiar parallel between Jesus’ last torturous hours and the lengthy struggle of chronic disease.

A growing body of evidence indicates the health benefits of spiritual practices. Spiritual people bounce back more readily from challenges and live more purposeful lives, even under challenging circumstances. Using the symbolism and meaning of the Stations and the latest medical practices, authors Eva Deli and Dr. Mark O’Malley have created a book that is both practical and spiritual in its message. The original artworks that beautifully illustrate the text formulate an aesthetically pleasing volume. Quotes from the bible, other religious and spiritual texts bring the meaning into sharper focus for the reader. The book will become an essential addition to church libraries, medical clinics, cancer wards, support groups, and patients and their families.

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" I read with great pleasure this poetic sequence of reflections on the Stations of the Cross, which is in itself, of course, a massively symbolic journey – the ultimate journey into death and beyond. Deli has made intimate connections here between the psychological and physiological parameters of illness and mortality, linking them to the stage of Christ's riveting and crucial journey. I read this book with a growing sense of the importance of this pattern for each of us. A moving and important meditation on life and death, on suffering and transcendence. "

—Jay Parini, author of The Way of Jesus

" Eva Deli has a unique ability and manner of reshuffling known facts to come up with unexpected hands that reveal the unknown! The book is well worth the read. "

—Gregory M. Nixon Religion & Philosophy Researcher, Independent Scholar

" Chronic pain and disease is one of the most challenging psychological, spiritual, and physical issues a person can face. 'The Stations of The Cross' offers psychological, spiritual, and medical guidance to help ease suffering and find greater hope and acceptance for anyone facing chronic pain or disease. "

—Dr. Matthew Welsh, J.D., Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist in VA Outpatient Mental Health Counseling

" As a cancer survivor and a pioneer in existential positive psychology, I welcome Visions of Hope, which combines an uplifting spiritual vision with the sound of advice based on science. In the age of Covid-19, we need hope more than ever before. I highly recommend it for all suffering people. "

—Paul T. Wong, author of Inspirations for Difficult Times

The Power of Emotions

Coming Soon

"The Power of Emotions: How the Brain Forms Attitude" is the first book to synthesize current scientific research in neuroscience and psychology into a cohesive understanding of emotions. The work is based on the scientific hypothesis introduced in ‘The Science of Consciousness’ published in 2015. Written for a general audience and as a practical guide for better living, the book brings together ideas from philosophy, religion, ethics, neuroscience, physics, engineering, and cosmology into a comprehensive and coherent read, which entertains as well as it informs. The book aligns itself with age-old religious and philosophic wisdom, yet it is supported by the science of how the brain creates the mind. Its unique perspective about emotions will permit you to find the success in your life’s journey, to perceive the motivation of others, and giving you a rare ability to become a positive force in society. The explanations of the ideas are enhanced by 30 illustrations.

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The Power of Joy

Success is never arbitrary. Our continuously changing world challenges our determination every day. Achievement requires adherence to goals, the ability to take risks, and overcome mistakes. Self-betterment is the ticket not only to a better job but to be successful at it. Changing the mind/brain is like conquering a mountain. Sudden shifts in attitude, behavior, and disposition are challenging and often painful. There is safety in slow, persistent progress. When you trust in the long-term results of your work, you can find balance and satisfaction. Finding and accomplishing your purpose in life is the highest achievement, and I believe it is possible for everyone. Anyone, at any age, and from any cultural, religious, or social background, can use the techniques listed here for self-betterment. The arguments cover many possibilities, but you might discover ways for your specific situation not listed here. When you change, you change the world.

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" Eva has done it! She has written a book to inspire true happiness from within. This motivational read promotes the realization of meaning and purpose in one’s journey toward self actualization and resilience. I intend to us these promising and encouraging words of joy in my therapy practice as a means to evoke jubilance, positivity and self-discovery. Through mindfulness and meaningful engagement, we can unleash our power to discover well being and life purpose. By way of insight and self-betterment, The Power of Joy promotes the idea that we can come to triumphant fruition. "

—Lynn Carlson, LICSW Psychotherapist Nystrom and Associates, LTD.