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Emotions, The Energy States Of The Brain
Einstein's general relativity uncovered an understanding of gravity as the field geometry measured by its effects. Consciousness evolved in interaction with the material world, absorbing its operational principles. Increasingly sophisticated responses to stimuli engendered a brain operation that mirrors the physical world...
Emotions Form The Basis Of Consciousness And, Even If Unnoticed, Direct Our Lives From The Background
The brain, an anatomical, physiological entity, regulates animal behavior through emotions. Emotions form with the participation of the entire body to create a sophisticated energy system. It is not our consciousness that produces our feelings, but the other way around. The self is a mental, emotional representation of the body based on sensory importance. The muscle system closely mirrors the state of consciousness, as it tenses up in fear and relaxes in joy and loving situations. Feelings start hormonal cycles, which regulate the sentiments that produced them...
Having Free Will But Not Being Able To Use It
The common belief that our life is governed by conscious thinking and intellect. Nevertheless, the mental operation is highly influenced, regulated by the environment. Subliminal stimuli affect the frontal cortex in some cases for a long time, even without conscious awareness. Processing of emotional stimuli occurs automatically, irrespective of the focus of attention. In 1983, Benjamin Libet questioned free will's existence by showing an unconscious brain activity before deliberate actions...