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Does any of your work provide an answer to the fundamental question about cosmic coherence?

Evolution creates the complexity of the human brain. Is that arbitrary? I do not think so. There is an organizing principle at work in the universe, which leads to the evolution toward complexity. My hypothesis details how this happens.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is the awareness of being separate from the environment. It is connected to the ability to produce emotions.

Might there be a more integral stream of consciousness up through our...virtual, physical, emotional, conceptual, and ascensional.... realities?

Consciousness is an integral part of existence. Intellect is the outgrowth of a cognitive ability to form an appropriate projection of the physical world.

Is consciousness fundamental and universal?

Consciousness is an organic part of the universe, and it emerges whenever and wherever the necessary minimal conditions exist.

What do you mean by saying that the brain is “highly autonomous”?

The biological brain gives rise to an independent, self-regulating structure, the mind, which is analog to particles. Highly structured frequencies maintain the resting state of the brain.

What is the difference between spirit and soul and how they both are related to the concept of consciousness?

For me, spirit, soul, and mind are the same conscious inner force that tries to align harmoniously with the universe in its operation. However, when the mind is out of balance, it operates in a survival, egoistic mode.

What does science have to do with spirituality? Religion is built on beliefs, whereas science is based on facts.

In the end, we all believe; those who do not believe in God believe in some form of organizing principle, such as evolution, Darwinism, or the Higgs boson. Some sort of belief is prerequisite of intellect, the ability to create a system of thought in mind. Belief is the stable intellectual ground, on which we can build our worldview.

What do you think is needed for the peace of the society and to bring about spiritual evolution and paradigm shift?

Obtaining a driver’s license requires learning about the traffic laws and the mechanics of the car. Yet, we use our mind intuitively, without knowing where specific behavior is taking us. Understanding consciousness and emotion regulation will go a long way to enhance personal autonomy, independence, confidence and stimulate individual flourishing. A person who has goals and has the hope to achieve them becomes a contributing member of humanity.

How do u differentiate embracing change for the better or just being fickle?

How do you recognize beauty? Organic evolution increases coherence in your heart, whereas arbitrary change creates chaos, turmoil there.

Any practical tips on how to achieve emotional balance?

Thank you for your interest. You can browse among my posts (https://evadeli.blogspot.com/) on this subject. My upcoming book, ‘The Power of Emotions’ will answer that question in great detail.